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Best Places to Roller Skate In NYC

If you live in NYC or even visiting, you know how crowed places can get. With the Corona Virus making a come back, we wanted to give you our favorite spots to skate in the city to ensure you aren't putting yourself or others in danger!  Even if you are just picking up skates for the first time in years or an avid skater, this article will hopefully provide some spots that you can go skate at and some that you shouldn't! 

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The History Of Quad Roller Skates

Roller skates didn't just become popular because of Tik Tok, roller skating has actually been around, well since before you were born. Delve into this history lesson of quads and the quadets.  You probably remember at some point in your life going to the roller rink with friends during the week days, everything was so easy then. You would meet your date on Tuesday evenings to hold hands and eating pizza with a vicarious pleasure. Well the nausea is coming back because QUADS are back and here to stay.  Over 250 years ago, the first roller skate was a converted ice skate that never really gained traction. The first designs of roller skates looked similar to this: Back in 1863, a New...

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How To Use The Brakes On Your Quad Roller Skates?

Have you ever wondered how ones movement can develop such a majestic theme so brilliant its like they are moving on water? Well luckily for you, we tell you exactly how to do that with the use of brakes. Sit back, put on some music, read our articles while the melody, notes, words and myriad of tiny jolts flow through you. 

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