Best Places to Roller Skate In NYC

If you live in NYC or even visiting, you know how crowed places can get. With the Corona Virus making a come back, we wanted to give you our favorite spots to skate in the city to ensure you aren't putting yourself or others in danger! 

Even if you are just picking up skates for the first time in years or an avid skater, this article will hopefully provide some spots that you can go skate at and some that you shouldn't! 

Sarges Skatepark (Map) 

Sarges skatepark is one of the best parks for any type of rider. It offers mellow quarter pipes all over, a wall ride, ledges and it has a 3 block and street ledges on the basketball court. Most importantly, not many people go here and the ones that do are very nice. Located at 510 Vandervoort Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11222, we recommend you check this park out! 

Canarsie Skatepark (Map)

If you can travel this far, we highly recommend skating this spot! This park is huge and has an obstacle for everyone! Located at Seaview Ave. & Paedergat Ave. N Canarsie Park, Brooklyn, NY 11236. This is probably our favorite park in NYC, it is definitely underrated. It isn't in the best location but no one usually hassles you here!


Rudd Skatepark - Bushwick/Aberdeen (Map)

Rudd skatepark is located right off the Bushwick/Aberdeen train stop making it an ideal location to skate. The park isn't the biggest but no one is usually there and the obstacles aren't too big. It has a little bit of everything for everyone! 

Cityline Skatepark (Map) 

Located at Fountain Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11208, this park is tiny. We call it tech deck park for how small the park is and the obstacles are. Besides being so small, there is usually no one there making it the perfect skatepark for you and your friends. 

Besty Head Skatepark (Map)

Located at Dumont Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11212, this park isn't in the most ideal location for trains but it is a fun park to cruise around. It is pretty new and everyone there is nice! This park ins't for everyone with the obstacles but worth checking out! 

Forest Park Skatepark (Map)

This park is loaded with pre-fab ramps making it such a unique and fun park in NYC. It usually isn't too packed and is right across the street from beautiful forest park if you wanted to relax after cruising! Located at Forest Park Woodhaven Blvd &, Myrtle Ave, 11421, we recommend you check this park out! 

Riverside Skatepark (Map) 

This beautiful park is amazing! It has all the right obstacles, very pretty area and next to central park. BUT THERE IS WAY TOO MANY PEOPLE THERE! The park is overcrowded with skateboarders who wont let you even get a turn to roll through. Unless you go really early, we recommend not going here, at least until the park starts to die down. 


Blue Park

This place is over ran by skaterboarders that are too cool. Located at the intersection of Manhattan Ave. and Scholes St., a short skate or walk from the Montrose Ave. L station and the Lorimer St. JMZ stop. We recommend that you do not go here unless you are going at 7am. 

McCarren Skatepark

Unless you are going at 7am, this park is always crowed by little kids who will get in your way and making your session a lot more dangerous. Located in Williamsburg, we recommend that you avoid this park.

Okay now for some of our favorite places to go! 

Owls Head (Map)

This park is perfect for the ambitious skaters that want to skate a bowl! This is one of the only parks in NYC that has a good bowl! 

Just take the R to Bay Ridge and roll a few blocks over.

Cooper Park (Map)

Cooper park is a very fun park with all different sizes of obstacles for beginners and pros. Just like most parks in NYC, you may want to go early. This park has a will occasionally have skateboarders who think it's a transition park and skate the quarter pipes as fast as they can without stopping; getting in everyones way and making everyones life dangerous. Luckily they aren't always there.