How To Use The Brakes On Your Quad Roller Skates?

Have you ever wondered how ones movement can develop such a majestic theme so brilliant its like they are moving on water? Well luckily for you, we tell you exactly how to do that with the use of brakes. Sit back, put on some music, read our articles while the melody, notes, words and myriad of tiny jolts flow through you. 

There are a couple of different ways to stop on quad roller skates. The first one is using the toe stops on the skates (see picture below). 

So all quad roller skates will have toe stops, unless you have customized skates that you chose not to have them. 

When attempting to stop with a toe stop, your knees will be bent and you can put your arms out in front of you for counter-balance. Your weight will then transfer to one side and the opposite foot points straight back so your back skates toe will be pointing straight to the ground. Once you stop, use your T - position to gather your balance again.

The next way to stop on roller skates is a T - stop. This is when you drag your back skate horizontally to stop, it looks something like this:

Make sure to bend your front knee and keep all your weight on your front foot, think of it as a fencing position (see picture below). Keep your core tight and engaged so your back skate don't make you turn. 

The pros about T - stopping is that when you stop, you are already in T - position making it very easy to maintain balance and fluidity. 

The cons about T - stopping is that you may give your wheels flat spots, which means that one wheel will develop a flat spot, making your ride bumpy. Need new wheels? Check out our quad wheels here!

If you have any questions or want any more tips, please reach out to us!